Is rental an option for PYTHA 3D CAD?

PYTHA has many payment option including purchase, leasing or monthly rental.

Can PYTHA operate on tablet PC?

PYTHA is fully functional on all tablet PC with excellent performance.

How many training days do I need to learn PYTHA?

For beginners we recommend a 3 day training course.\ You are able to operate your PYTHA 3d CAD system after the introductory training.

Help! I have no CAD experience!

No experience is required to take your first steps with PYTHA 3D CAD.

Can PYTHA be used on multiple computers?

You can install PYTHA on multiple computers. Simply place the dongle into the desired PC.

Do I have to buy a second license if I want to use PYTHA at home?

No, just take your PYTHA dongle home and plug it into your home PC.

What literature is available?

PYTHA comes with a complete user and training manual. These manuals can be displayed any time on your screen. There is also a short description for all modelling functions, which can be seen by hovering over the function and clicking your right mouse button.

Can we create our own libraries with PYTHA?

Yes you can create your own library elements (including paramertic ones). You can easily drag and drop them into any scene.

Can PYTHA import data from other CAD systems?

Yes, PYTHA provides an interface to import and export multiple formats.

Can we switch the language in our PYTHA system?

Your PYTHA license will have various language options.

Do I need an additional software to run PYTHA?

No, PYTHA is a true 3D CAD system which runs independently.

Does PYTHA support ATI graphic cards?

Of course! PYTHA supports all modern graphic cards.

Does PYTHA run on Apple computers?

On most apple computers: yes. You need to install Bootcamp (available for x86 systems) and Windows.

Where does the name PYTHA come from?

The name PYTHA is inspired by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. His famous formula a^2+b^2=c^2 is the foundation for many geometrical calculations. The PYTHA logo is a graphical representation of this formula.

Are all pictures on your web page done with the PYTHA system?

Of course! PYTHA Lab is proud to show the quality and versatility of PYTHA 3D CAD.