PYTHA - Shop and Store Design

PYTHA is your powerful 3D CAD system for shop, store and object design - no matter whether you work on an individual furniture projects, like a counter, reception desk, a shop in shop concept or the complete store layout.

Your benefits with PYTHA include:

  • 2D and 3D modelling within one system
  • Develop large projects (64-bit technology)
  • Easy to use and fast learning curve
  • Integrated parts list for groups and single items
  • High end photorealistic presentations
  • Real time walk through
  • Fast technical drawings
  • Associative sections
  • Data interface to CNC machines
  • Extensive parts library (fittings, chairs, accessories)
  • One-stop integrated solution
  • PYTHA - Made with Germany precision

PYTHA - Lighting Calculation

Through powerful rendering technology, PYTHA not only illuminates your scene but can also perform physically correct lighting calculations.

Associative Sectioning

Any change in the 3D model will automatically update in the corresponding section. The PYTHA integrated associative sectioning function is derived from the section directly out of your 3D model.