Look forward to PYTHA version 24 that we have presented at the international user meeting and that is now being released!

PYTHA with 3ds import

Now you can import 3ds geometry files into the PYTHA modeler.

PYTHA Smart Paramertrics

With parameterised parts it is really easy to quickly modifying a designed part. The intelligent scene analysis integrated in the new PYTHA “Smart Parametrics” modifies your construction with no time lag.

Profile Function

The new profile function allows arbitrary radii at the bottom and top of the profile. This also works with profile cross-sections of organic shapes.
Modulated profiles can be generated using arbitrary cross sections and guide lines from the new fish hook library.
On top of that, the user interface is completely redefined: All settings and profile modifications are displayed immediately.

Managing PYTHA Libraries

The new “fish hook” icon makes loading library elements simple.
By picking the icon, a dialog is opened and your library elements are graphically listed in a column.

Group Structure

PYTHA allows to place parts into group structures. You can comfortably drag and drop parts into a group, rename them or simply select a group by clicking it in the group list.

RadioLab with new speed

RadioLab has experience exiting new developments. The engine now uses modern computer hardware more efficiently. A new acceleration structure in the core of RadioLab significantly affects the light calculation.

64 Bit Technology

Due to new 64 bit technology PYTHA can process very large scenes.

PYTHA documentations enhanced

Version V24 comes along with Willy’s Workshop manual and a freeform manual.