How do you Want to Present?

Your design will be at the forefront of your client’s mind if you provide a conclusive visualization, and PYTHA gives you many choices to create that perfect presentation!

Whether you want to use photorealistic imagery, live presentation (with 3D video), short film, tablet or post 3D images on your website; PYTHA has the right tools that can complete the task for you.

At a Glance

  • Interactive high end raytracer
  • Real time radiosity
  • Real time 3D presentation (Stereo; with 3D Glasses)
  • Photorealistic effects for glass, chrome, etc.
  • Stylish rendering
  • Film recording
  • Real time presentation with sound
  • Integrated animations

Real-Time presentation

PYTHA allows you to guide your clients through your scene in real time. While doing so, you can even set up animations such as opening a door. You can also simulate functionality such as switching on and off light sources, to give your presentation that realistic feeling.

Light planning

PYTHA has physically correct light calculation. Meaning, each space you are planning will have accurate light simulation. This comes in handy when planning offices, shops and museums. Your images created with PYTHA 3D CAD, will be a true to life representation of the end product.