About Us

PYTHA Celebrates Over 35 Years Industry Experience!

PYTHA Lab is an established software house located in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Germany. And the software PYTHA is made in Germany to 100%.

PYTHA Philosophy

PYTHA Lab is a dynamic team of software developers and market experts that have enjoyed creating and progressing PYTHA over 35 years. It has been our priority and passion to provide an easy to use yet powerful 3D CAD system that is a leader in the market place. With a dedicated client focus, and highly educated software architects, we encourage approachability between clients and all levels of management. Our clients have a strong influence in the development of PYTHA 3D CAD, and we are proud to be able to adapt our software so suit many of our client requirements!

Corporate culture

Our corporate culture is governed by

Purpose, Passion and Persistence.

Our bright, highly inspired team of developers are committed to our loyal customer base and our sales and marketing departments are dedicated to forming strong business relationships with our clients.

We work with a passion for intuitive software design, confidence, and a sense of duty to the market. Diligence and honesty are the cornerstones of all our actions. Through our efforts we exceed our customer’s expectations with the help of our superior software technology and decades of experience.

Responsibility to charity

Over 35 years of success do not only fill us with pride, PYTHA Lab also feels a strong moral obligation to engage in social and community projects.