PYTHA CNC Connectivity

  • Automatic generation of CNC data directly from your 3D model, according to your individual manufacturing standards
  • Works for cabinets created by the PYTHA cabinet generator as well as individually modelled pieces of furniture
  • PYTHA arc analysis for automatic generation of router paths - even for free form curves
  • PYTHA live bore holes are automatically updated if you edit your 3D object
  • Edge processing made easy (edge banding, router, saw, etc.)

Bespoke furniture production

  • Cutting optimization and free form nesting calculated with simplicity
  • Label printing with project data, drawings, bar- or QR-code
  • 2D revolve of parts for CNC router outlines or templates

Various options

  • Panel-saw-interface through PYTHA parts list
  • Export of 3D models to any 3D printer
  • 5 axis milling with AlphaCam