PYTHA at a Glance

Planning - 3D Modelling - Presentation and Production!
PYTHA provides a solution for all your needs!

Unlimited modelling features in 3D
Precise shapes
Free form modelling
Fast and efficient results due to parts libraries
Powerful smart parametric functions
Generators for complex assemblies
PYTHA 'Workshop' for the automatic assignment of features for CNC processing
3D data exchange in common file formats
(dxf, dwg, 3ds, stl, .skp , .obj, VRML...)
Technical drawings and layout plans
Dimensioning and text
Associative hatching
Title block, standard or indivudual
User defined parts list layout, cutting lists
Labels, bar codes and QR codes for panels
High quality ray tracer for photorealism
Radiosity algorithm for virtual reality
Real time stylish rendering
Recording of films with animations
Physically correct lighting calculations
Stereo viewing in real time

Smart Parametrics

With PYTHA’s powerful functions you can change your constructions in a flash. Smart parametrics use intelligent object analysis and, thus, can alter, even complicated constructions, e.g. change radii. You can modify your objects without any time consuming processes.

Integrated Generators

PYTHA’s cabinet generators help you to interactively create parametric cabinets, drawers and fronts. All generator created objects can further be edited and combined with any other PYTHA construction.