PYTHA - Let the Show Begin

  • 3D CAD system for rigging, lighting, tent construction, catwalks, theatre, etc.
  • Easy to use and fast learning curve, even with arbitrary shapes
  • Powerful free form functions give you unlimited modelling options
  • Huge 3D libraries with unlocked parts that can be edited by user
  • Direct parts list output, can communicate with all leading quoting and estimating software
  • Photo realistic real-time visualization
  • Lighting simulation with LED, Gobo projections and animated lighting effects
  • Realtime video projections with ‘Dolby’ surround sound
  • Free viewer for your clients to witness remotely

Light, Sound and Video

Using PYTHA, you can simulate spot lights with opening angle, distance control and color filters with complete accuracy. In your virtual environment, you can also play sound directly from the speakers that exist in your scene, boosting the realistic feel of your presentation. Videos with sound can run on any face, in real time. This is great for concert and stage design! Animated projectors and gobos turn your real-time presentation into the perfect show.

Download PYTHA Lighting planning brochure.