PYTHA - Architecture

PYTHA is your powerful 3D CAD system in architectural planning and visualization.

Your benefits with PYTHA

  • 2D layout plans and 3D modelling are integrated
  • Huge, highly detailed projects (64 bit technology)
  • Easy to use and fast learning curve
  • Groups and layer structure help to keep organised
  • Promotional presentation of your designs
  • Real time walk through virtual projects
  • Photorealistic sky simulation
  • Animation of clouds
  • Set up a navigated camera path through a project
  • Record camera path to make movies
  • Fast technical drawings
  • Associative sections
  • Extensive parts library (indoor and outdoor)
  • One-stop integrated solution
  • PYTHA - Made with German precision

PYTHA - Light and Shadow

Through powerful rendering technology, PYTHA not only illuminates your scene, but can also perform physically correct lighting calculations. Beside point and face light sources for interiors, you can also use the sun at astronomically correct positions that are derived from date, time and location parameters.

PYTHAs history starts in the arcitectual field

PYTHA was founded in 1978, from the request of an architectural firm, to simulate buildings and power plants in a real photography.